Christopher’s career in photography redefines the intersections of fashion and reportage.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Christopher jumps between extremes with ease and anchors images in global contexts to craft stories that compel.

After completing studies in Advertising and Marketing, he moved to Asia and launched himself as a photojournalist. His work in photojournalism took him to conflict zones such as Pakistan and Afghanistan where he explored his passion for expressions and a non-synthetic approach to beauty. Playing with movement, distortions, natural poses and very little post-production, Christopher’s style evokes the raw, film-still photography of the early 90s. He layers moods and atmospheres, expressions and backgrounds.

He captures his surroundings not just visually, but emotionally, be it in the studio or on location, his specialty. The fashion in his editorials and advertisements takes a back seat, pulling the viewer into the worlds Christopher creates, often into a voyeuristic eroticism.

Christopher is frequently working on campaigns and editorials throughout Europe, particularly Spain. He still pursues photojournalistic assignments around the world, in addition to projects of his own. He channels inspiration from reportage into fashion and adds locations to his database for future use. His photography reveals the humanity in even the most unlikely situations, challenging us and causing us to reflect.

 After spending a year in New York, he is currently based in Vienna, Austria and finds himself working in Berlin and Barcelona on a regular basis.

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