Christopher Klettermayer was born in Vienna, Austria in 1982

After studying Marketing and Advertising, Christopher soon moved into various fields of Photography.

With journalistic desire, Christopher dove into photojournalism, taking him on assignments in India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and Argentina. Changes in perception and difficulties in the world of print and journalism started taking a toll, shifting his work to more sustainable industries.

Christopher then settled into the world of fashion photography to enjoy a lighter take on the world, but also to finance his continuous expeditions. Living in Vienna and Barcelona, he worked on productions in New York, Berlin and Buenos Aires, where he continuously sought new inspirations as well as new approaches in photography.

After being diagnosed with HIV Christopher shifted focus onto subjects affiliated with HIV and sexuality and now regularly contributes german- and english speaking publications as a writer and artist.

Working under his artists name “Philipp Spiegel”,  he addresses living with HIV as a heterosexual male as well as related aspects associated with HIV/AIDS in a broader context – be it travel restrictions, health issues or societal implications. Being an HIV advocate, a core topic in his writing and his public speaking is sexuality as a whole – subjects like masculinity, sex-positive behaviour or discrimination are often themes of his work.

Today, Christopher lives in Vienna and Barcelona, established as a photographer, writer, public speaker and artist.

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